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What could possibly bring with each other the 152-year-old Home of, that most venerable of France's high-jewellery Homes, imitation rolex and MB F,
the young, cutting-edge Swiss inventive laboratory whose Horological Machines initial invaded our planet only 5 years ago? The answer
will be the JwlryMachine, an astonishing haute-joaillerie version of MB F's Horological Machine No3 (HM3).
The JwlryMachine, an astonishing haute-joaillerie version of MB F's Horological Machine No3 (HM3). MB F
The catalyst: Horological Machine No3The original HM3, in gold and titanium, sent tremors via the fine-watchmaking globe when it was
launched in 2009. Its kinetically energetic engine is displayed around the leading from the watch, exactly where the swinging
battle-axe-shaped rotor -an iconic MB F symbol -and the fast-oscillating balance are obviously visible. The time indications parade
about twin cones increasing majestically from the three-dimensional sculpted case, driven by two oversized ceramic ball bearings. This
mixture of futuristic overall performance art and extremely technical wristwatch is really a feat of micro engineering. MB F's
engineers and watchmakers machine, hand-finish and assemble the 305 components from the HM3 engine to tolerances of a micron.
As any creation in high-jewellery, the consumer can select the colors of its future watch. MB F
The JwlryMachine: breathing the magic of Even though the HM3 was by no means conceived with diamonds in thoughts, Maximilian Büsser
had been nurturing the concept of operating using the Home of for years. "I was impressed by their immense savoir-faire, "he says, "and
their inventive passion. They're resolutely avant-garde, and every of their jewels is really a virtuoso overall performance. "For the
JwlryMachine, 's peerless artisans have conceived the HM3 as a splendid three-dimensional jewelled owl, presented either in 18k white
gold, with amethyst, diamonds and blue and violet sapphires, or in 18k red gold, with pink tourmaline, rose quartz, diamonds and pink
sapphires. The owl's eyes are big glowing cabochons, set more than the twin cones, and its sparkling wings, wrapped protectively about
the valuable HM3 engine, are completely pave-set with brilliant-cut stones. Its feathered breast is sculpted and engraved from a
single block of amethyst or rose quartz. Most mesmerising of all: beneath the owl's breast, its heart seems to become beating. The
visual illusion is produced from the faintly perceived swings of MB F's solid-gold battle-axe-shaped rotor beneath the translucent
stone. rolex datejust
The JwlryMachine, pink version. MB F
An ideal match's artisans produce the owl's jewelled physique as a framework of strong gold, cast in 5 separate segments that fit onto
HM3 with micron-perfect precision. Structurally, it's an ideal match. Simultaneously, it's quintessentially, whose audacious
interpretations of Nature's strangest and most extravagant creatures are so specific towards the Home that it calls them its Cabinet
of Curiosities. Searching back around the initial discussions, 's CEO Mr Jean-Christophe Bédos says, "MB F showed an appreciation from
the excellence that embodies. A collaboration in between our two Homes was particular to result in an exceptionally inventive idea,
having a sparkling outcome as well as a sense of humorous audacity. "
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