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Second since the COSC will be the heir towards the also numerous private laboratories that existed because the 19th century (COSC
was produced in 1973). As a heir, it has also inherited the weaknesses of its ancestors, becoming essentially that the COSC tests
movements and not Replica watches and that the COSC requirements to possess a hand to indicate the second to attain its plan of trials.
Let s possess a take a look at the very first point (the primary 1): the COSC tends to make its tests on movements with out case.
?Several comments:
- what's going to occur towards the motion as soon as inserted in to the case is consequently not taken into account. 1 can
effortlessly comprehend that the casing of a motion is really a delicate operation which will need pressure on the motion to
locate its location inside a case produced to prevent any possibility for the motion to move. Yes, the casing of a motion does
alter the motion s functionality;
- the certificate issued from the COSC and offered using the watch is numbered but not dated (nicely it's dated on a separate
sheet, the 1 that provides the outcome and that's kept from the brand). Who will let you know that your motion didn't really
invest a number of months or years waiting for its case or dial or each?
- because the motion isn't protected by its case, it's exposed to dust, fingerprints, humidity as well as other type of items
which are not assisting the motion to function adequately. vacheron constantin pocket watch It implies that as soon as the motion is back towards the manufacture
from the COSC it'll have to be cleaned. You are able to effortlessly envision that to clean a motion the watchmaker will need to
disassemble component from the motion, therefore creating the COSC certificate irrelevant!
Nicely, I believe you are able to see the point now. Obsolete! Useless! A pure advertising gimmick.
The second hand required to conduct all of the tests also disqualifies a number of Replica watches that don't have it. The AP Royal Oak
Jumbo for example has no second hand and couldn't be submitted towards the COSC.
These problems with each other using the duration from the trials (16 days) drove a number of brands not to make use of COSC
certifications and to create their very own tests: Patek Philippe, rolex oyster perpetual Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger LeCoultre these
brands don't use COSC certification at all. And their goods aren't much less correct than the ones from the brands utilizing it.
As a conclusion on that point, we could say that precision is an argument that nearly produced the watch business disappear from
Switzerland within the 1970s, once the quartz movements left the Swiss with their accuracy s problems inside a poor position. It
appears that now the Swiss learned the lesson and no one comments about accuracy these days. Certainly they understood that no one
cares and also the ones who care won't think about any mechanical watch at all. A mechanical watch is about emotion, not
precision. That is why COSC certificate in its actual way will disappear, unless brands maintain on becoming pleased to spend
about CHF ten per watch for absolutely nothing.
OK, let s see the other endangered specy: the Geneva Seal (Poin?on de Gen��ve).
This seal was set up in 1886 as a law from the Government of Geneva. Its objective was to define the haute horlogerie requirements
applicable towards the Swiss watch production. In reality, its objective was a lot much more to safeguard the Geneva based brands
from the competitors from the brands based in Vaud or Neuchatel. In reality, numerous watch retailers had been ordering in the
finish from the 19th century Replica watches to watch makers from Vaud or Neuchatel and had been adding their names on the dial. And also
the customers discovered that these Replica watches had been frequently much better than the 1 created in Geneva.
So this label is a lot much more a guarding law than a correct tool to organize the watch business in various categories. That
becoming stated, it's correct that the circumstances talked about from the Geneva Seal would be the benchmark for the haute
horlogerie; only the very first situation only businesses registered within the Canton of Geneva are admitted tends to make it
An additional point will be the reality that the Geneva Seal is every thing but a precision manage from the watch, because the
Geneva Seal process consists in receiving 1 motion to homologate all of the comparable movements with its seal. The brands are in
charge of controlling the right application from the guidelines Wow! Like if footballers had been left alone to become their very
own referees throughout a match!!!
The reality that Geneva wanted in 1886 to safeguard its personal watch makers is hard to justify these days. This law has been
altered in 2009, however the geographical restriction continues to be valid. This restriction has triggered for instance Patek
Philippe to launch its personal seal, rolex diamond watch some thing seldom noticed in any business all over the world. But we shall come back on that
problem later.
Usually, a high quality label is convincing if it's offered by an independent authority to all feasible candidates, irrespective
of their origin. And if controls are produced from the exact same authority, not once they are surrendered towards the persons
supposed to become controlled!
All correct, let s possess a closer take a look at the scenario. ?Patek Philippe had to quit utilizing the Geneva Seal simply
because it has two workshops in Vaud and Neuchatel cantons. These workshops are in Le Brassus and La Chaux-de-Fonds simply because
these locations would be the very best ones to locate highy skilled watch makers, which are not that numerous in Geneva. In
reality, most complications consisting in tourbillon and/or minute repeaters from the Geneva brand are created in their workshops
outdoors Geneva.
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